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Eastern Thread Mill, proudly presents wonderful world of Jute. Termed as “Golden Fibre” due to its colour, it’s one of the most versatile fabric. Use it to make bags, sacks, fine threads, rugs, cushion covers, table mats, curtains.. Jute is biodegradable and at Eastern Thread Mill we tried to keep them as natural as possible. So you get the opportunity to experience all of the above items guilt free.

So be it shopping bag, or jute lunch bag, be rest assured they can be your friend for life. Even though we all love jute shopping bags you would love  jute cushion covers that come with lots of exciting patterns and designs. Jute table runners and table mats give you that sought after rugged look. Jute is very good insulator and is a very good conductor of heat. Have you ever imagined curtains made of jute? Jute curtains help to keep your room cooler in hot summer days and also acts as insulators in winter.

Eastern Thread Mill is continuously looking for creating unique products for its customers. So  watch out this space !!

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