• Personalize these burlap chair sashes with names, phrase or as in the image "Mr" "Mrs". Printed in black or in white.
  • Provide the width of the chair back while ordering so the name can be fitted in.
  •  Size -17 X 240 cm (7" x 94") 
  • Sash are shipped flat, you may tie the bow at your end. 
  • Do not put in washing machine or dryer. Wash gently with hand in cold water.
  • Any crease can easily be straightened with steam ironing.

Hessian jute personalised chair sash

Printing colour
  • Burlap products without pp lining and print can be straightened easily by steam ironing. Please do not iron on vynl print directly. Please wash in cold water or wipe with wet clothes. Do not rinse or put it in drier.

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